This is a list of my published books so far. They're roughly in date order, newest first, but I've sometimes grouped the books in a series together to make them easier to see.

(NB this list doesn't include every single book available – to make it simpler I've left out revamps, re-titled editions, and books where I only contributed a small amount.)

The total book count (based on this list) stands at: 310.


Dogs Do Science series (Wayland, 2023)
Forces  Sound   Light
Energy  Materials  Living Things

 series (Wayland, 2023)
Zoology  Meteorology  Geology
Palaeontology  Entomology  Bacteriology

79 Amazing Science Games (to blow your mind!)  (Arcturus, 2023)

Unequal Planet  (Franklin Watts, 2022)
Peaceful Planet?  (Franklin Watts, 2022)

Brain Games: Experiments (National Geographic, 2022)
84 Amazing Maths Games (to boggle your brain!) (Arcturus, 2022)
The Fairy Atlas: Fairy folk of the World (Laurence King, 2022)
Sustainable Planet (Franklin Watts, 2022)
Extinction Planet (Franklin Watts, 2022)

Tiny Science series (Wayland, 2022)
Atoms and Molecules  Cells   Genes and DNA
Microscopic Creatures  Germs  Nanotechnology

91 Cool Maths Tricks (to make you gasp) (Arcturus, 2021)
73 Cool Science Tricks (to wow your friends)  (Arcturus, 2021)
All Things Change: Nature's rhythms, from sprouting seeds to shining stars (Welbeck, 2021)
Future Worlds (Lonely Planet, 2021)
Skygazing: Explore the Sky in the Day and Night  (Welbeck, 2021)
Recycled Planet (Franklin Watts, 2021)
Pandemic Planet  (Franklin Watts, 2021)
Collins Big Cat: Shinoy and the Chaos Crew: Where Did It Go?(Collins Educational, 2021)
Collins Big Cat: Shinoy and the Chaos Crew: Why Do We Sleep?(Collins Educational, 2021)
The Fairytale Memory Game (card-matching game) (Laurence King, 2021)
Match a Mummy (card-matching game) (Laurence King, 2021)

I Can Be a Robot Engineer (Arcturus, 2020)
I Can Be a Dinosaur Detective (Arcturus, 2020)
I Can Be a Maths Magician (Arcturus, 2020)
I Can Be a Rocket Scientist (Arcturus, 2020)
I Can Be an Awesome Inventor (Arcturus, 2020)

A Question of Science series (Wayland, 2020)
Can you Hear Sounds in Space?
Why Doesn't the Moon Fall Down?
Where Does Lightning Come From?
Why Does A Mirror Show Things Back to Front?
Why Is Ice Slippery?
Why Don't Your Eyeballs Fall Out?
Why Can't Penguins Fly?
How Can a Plant Eat a Fly?

Mythopedia: An Encyclopedia of Mythical Beasts and Their Magical Tales (Laurence King, 2020)

The History of Everything (in 32 pages) (Laurence King, 2020)
The Mermaid Atlas: Merfolk of the World (Laurence King, 2020)
Hot Planet (Franklin Watts, 2020)
The Brilliant Book of Animal Bones (Wayland, 2020)
The Surprising Lives of Animals (Ivy Press, 2020)
Get Crafty (Rising Stars, 2020)

Maker Models
 series (Wayland, 2019):
Castle  Space Centre   Biosphere and Mini Garden
Theatre and Film Set  Transport Hub   Fairground

STEAM Through the Seasons series (Wayland, 2019):
Spring   Summer   Autumn   Winter

History's Mysteries: Legends and Lore (National Geographic, 2019)
Amazing Evolution: The Journey of Life (Ivy Press, 2019)
Don't Read This Book Before Dinner! (National Geographic, 2019)
Survival (Big Picture Press, 2019)
I Can Be an Awesome Inventor (Arcturus, 2019)

This Drop of Water (Franklin Watts, 2018)
Oxford Reading Tree InFact: Animals After Dark (OUP, 2018)
Don't Read This Book Before Bed! (National Geographic, 2018)
Incredible Optical Illusions (Arcturus, 2018)

Science Makers series (Wayland, 2018):
Making with Light   Making with Sound
Making with Machines   Making with Forces
Making with States of Matter   Making with Living Things

This Little Pebble (Franklin Watts, 2017)
Why Don't Fish Drown? (Thames & Hudson, 2017)
Discovery Plus: Human Body (QED Publishing, 2017)
Cutest Kittens Ever (QEB, 2017)
Where’s the Ballerina? (Ivy Press, 2017)
Tokyo City Trails (Lonely Planet, 2017)
Extreme Science Experiments (Arcturus, 2017)
Collins Big Cat: Mary Anning: Fossil Hunter(Collins Educational, 2017)

Science Skills Sorted series (Franklin Watts, 2017):
Evolution and Classification  Habitats
Rocks and Fossils   Life Cycles 

Healthy For Life
 series (Franklin Watts, 2016):
Keeping Fit   Food and Eating
Mental Health and Self-Esteem  Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol
Sex and Relationships  Puberty and Growing Up

100 Most Series (Scholastic/A&C Black, 2009-2016):
100 Most Indestructible Things on the Planet
100 Most Unexplained Things on the Planet
100 Most Destructive Natural Disasters
100 Most Destructive Natural Disasters
100 Most Feared Creatures on the Planet
100 Most Deadly Things on the Planet
100 Most Awesome Things on the Planet
100 Scariest Things on the Planet
100 Most Disgusting Things on the Planet
100 Most Dangerous Things on the Planet

The Amazing Animal Adventure (Laurence King, 2016)
The Story of You (Wayland, 2016)
Collins Big Cat: Time-Traveller’s Guide to the Bronze Age (Collins Educational, 2016)
Oxford Reading Tree InFact: Legs! (OUP, 2016)
Sharks: Predators of the Sea (QED Publishing, 2016)
My First Book of Science Experiments (Arcturus, 2016)
50 Things You Should Know About: Wild Weather (QED Publishing, 2016)
Deadly Animals (Gareth Stevens, 2016)
Cutest Puppies Ever (QEB, 2017)
I Love This Tree (Franklin Watts, 2016)
Factivity: Coding and Computers (Parragon, 2016)

Fashion Stylist Sticker and Activity Book: Spring/Summer (Laurence King, 2016)

Scanorama: Dinosaurs (Silver Dolphin, 2016)
Scanorama: Amazing Animals (Silver Dolphin, 2016)
Scanorama: Deadly Predators (Silver Dolphin, 2016)

Fashion Stylist Sticker and Activity Book: Autumn/Winter (Laurence King, 2015)
Insects in 30 Seconds (Ivy Press, 2015)
Collins Big Cat: The Shang Dynasty (Collins Educational, 2015)
The Comedy, History and Tragedy of William Shakespeare (Franklin Watts, 2015)
Where’s Will? Find Shakespeare Hidden in His Plays (Ivy Press, 2015)
Living in the Wild: Big Cats – Tigers (Raintree, 2015)
Weird Creatures (Franklin Watts, 2015)
Factivity Explore, Experiment and Discover the World of Science (Parragon, 2015)

Mind Webs
 series (Wayland, 2014-2015):
Electricity and Magnetism  Light and Sound
Forces  Materials
Human Body  Living Things

Short, Sharp Shakespeare series (Wayland, 2014-2015):
Macbeth   Romeo and Juliet
A Midsummer Night’s Dream   Hamlet
Much Ado About Nothing  The Tempest

Collins Big Cat: Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace (Collins Educational, 2014)
The Human Body in 30 Seconds (Ivy Press, 2014)
First Animal Encyclopedia: Seas and Oceans (A&C Black, 2014)
Animal Atlas (Bloomsbury, 2014)
Factivity Journey Around and Inside Your Amazing Body (Parragon, 2014)

Whizzy Science series (Wayland, 2014):
Make it Zoom!  Make it Bang!
Make it Glow!  Make it Splash!
Make it Change!  Make it Grow!

Disgusting & Dreadful series (Wayland, 2013-2014):
Killer Plants and Other Green Gunk
Stinky Farts and Other Body Horrors
Ear-Splitting Sounds and Other Vile Noises
Glaring Light and Other Eye-Burning Rays
Electric Shocks and Other Energy Evils
Gut-Wrenching Gravity and Other Fatal Forces

Explorer Travel Guides: Caves (Raintree, 2013)
Collins Big Cat: Black Holes (Collins Educational, 2013)
Mental Development: From Birth to Old Age (Raintree, 2013)
Car-Sized Crabs and Other Animal Giants (A&C Black, 2013)
Living in the Wild: Sea Mammals: Humpback Whales (Raintree, 2013)
Living in the Wild: Sea Mammals: Dolphins (Raintree, 2013)

Body Works series (QED Publishing, 2013):
Brilliant Brain  Heroic Heart
Super Skeleton  Gruesome Guts

Animal Abilities series (Raintree, 2013):

Sharks Poster Book (Miles Kelly, 2012)
Life Processes (Raintree, 2012)
Collins Big Cat: World’s Deadliest Creatures (Collins Educational, 2012)
Collins Big Cat: Muscles (Collins Educational, 2012)
Sci-Hi: What Are the Limits of Organ Transplants? (Raintree, 2012)
A Pack of Wolves and Other Canine Groups (Heinemann Library, 2012)
A Colony of Ants and Other Insect Groups (Heinemann Library, 2012)
Why do Crabs Walk Sideways? (Miles Kelly, 2012)
Why do Kestrels Hover? (Miles Kelly, 2012

Animals on the Edge series (Bloomsbury/ZSL, 2012):
Gorilla  Tiger  Penguin
Elephant  Rhino  Hippo

Be Creative! series (Franklin Watts, 2012):
Customise Your Clothes
Bedroom Makeover
Accessories For All
Cards, Wrap and Tags

Why do Horses wear Shoes? (Miles Kelly, 2011)
My Top 20 Deadly Animals (Miles Kelly, 2011)
Ice Dancing (Wayland, 2011)
Bhangra and Bollywood (Wayland, 2011)
Knight Survival Guide (Bloomsbury, 2011)
Treasure Hunter’s Handbook (Bloomsbury, 2011)
101 Ways to Beat Boredom (Pearson Education, 2011)
Mummy Maker (Bloomsbury, 2011)
Feast at the Castle (Bloomsbury, 2011)
Who Discovered Natural Selection? (Arcturus, 2011)

Caterpillar rhyming stories (Little Tiger/Caterpillar Books, 2008-2011):
The Busy Little Train
The Magic Little Sleigh
The Busy Red Tractor
Busy Little Boats
Jungle Friends
Sea Friends
Here Comes the Rain!
Finding Little Mouse
Don’t Wake the Lion!
It’s My Birthday!
Silly Barney

Who Split the Atom? (Arcturus, 2010)
Deadly Diseases and Curious Cures (Bloomsbury, 2010)
The Story of Exploration (Usborne, 2010)

Extreme!: Pirate: From Navigation to Amputation (A&C Black, 2009)
Extreme!: Volcano’s Edge (A&C Black, 2009)
Forms of Energy (Heinemann Library, 2009)
Does it Bend? All About Stretchy Materials (Franklin Watts, 2009)
Learning in Action: Human Body (Silver Dolphin Books, 2009)

Why It Works series (QED Publishing, 2009):
Light and Dark  Materials
Electricity  Pushes and Pulls

Landform Top Tens series (Raintree, 2009):
The World’s Most Amazing Volcanoes
The World’s Most Amazing Deserts
The World’s Most Amazing Coasts

The Story of Science (Usborne, 2008)
The Science in… A Glass of Water (Franklin Watts, 2008)
The Science in… A Guitar (Franklin Watts, 2008)
Greek Myths (Franklin Watts, 2008)
Henry’s Heads (Heinemann Raintree, 2008)
100 Things You Should Know About: Saving the Earth (Miles Kelly, 2008)
100 Things You Should Know About: Extreme Earth (Miles Kelly, 2008)
Art on the Wall: Surrealism (Heinemann Library, 2008)
Healthy Eating (Heinemann Library, 2008)
Growing Plants (Heinemann Library, 2008)

The Story of Inventions
(Usborne, 2007)
Time Travel Guide to Ancient Greece (Raintree, 2007)
Time Travel Guide to the Renaissance (Raintree, 2007)
Microworlds: Unlocking the Secrets of Atoms and Molecules (Rourke Publishing, 2007)
Vital Science: Sound (Gareth Stevens, 2007)
Vital Science: The Nature of Matter (Gareth Stevens, 2007)
Deep Oceans (Heinemann, 2007)
Volcanoes (Kingfisher Books, 2007)

Science in Focus: Genetics (Evans Brothers, 2006)
Science in Focus: The Human Body (Evans Brothers, 2006)
Science in Focus: The Solar System (Evans Brothers, 2006)
Titanic (Co-authored with Katie Daynes) (Usborne, 2006)

Usborne Young Reading: Romeo and Juliet (Usborne, 2005)
The Shocking Story of Electricity (Usborne, 2005)
100 Things You Should Know About Explorers (Miles Kelly, 2005)
Animals Under Threat: Giant Panda (Heinemann Library, 2005)

Fusion series (Heinemann Raintree, 2005)
Does a Worm Have a Girlfriend?
World’s Worst Germs
Feel the Noise!
Plant Secrets
Can You Tell a Skink from a Salamander?

Stories from Shakespeare (Usborne 2004)
Interfact: Human Body (Two-Can Publishing, 2004)
The Secret World of Lizards (Raintree, 2004)
The Secret World of Octopuses (Raintree, 2004)
1000 Facts About Sharks (Miles Kelly, 2004)
Geography Fact Files: Deserts (Hodder Wayland, 2004)
Geography Fact Files: Mountains (Hodder Wayland, 2004)

Usborne Classics: Jane Eyre (retelling) (Usborne, 2003)
The Usborne Complete Book of the Human Body (Usborne, 2003)
Cheetah (Hodder Wayland, 2003)
Vincent van Gogh: The Troubled Artist (Hodder Wayland, 2003)
The Usborne Introduction to Genes and DNA (Usborne, 2003)
Beetles and Other Bugs (Franklin Watts, 2003)
Spiders and Scorpions (Franklin Watts, 2003)
Golda Meir (Heinemann Library, 2003)

Spring (Belitha Press, 2002)
Summer (Belitha Press, 2002)
Autumn (Belitha Press, 2002)
Winter (Belitha Press, 2002)
Weird Wildlife: Insects (Belitha Press, 2002)
Weird Wildlife: Plants (Belitha Press, 2002)
Gandhi: The Peaceful Revolutionary (Hodder Wayland, 2002)
All About Ancient Greece (Hodder Wayland, 2002)

Martin Luther King: Civil Rights Hero (Hodder Wayland, 2001)
The Usborne Book of Peoples of the World (co-authored with Gill Doherty) (Usborne, 2001)
Easy Design on your Computer Using Microsoft Word  (Usborne, 2001)
Rocks and Minerals (Parragon, 2001)
Tiger (Belitha Press, 2001)

Insects (Watts, 2000)
Mammals (Watts, 2000)
Reading About: Tornadoes (Aladdin/Watts, 2000)
Reading About: Earthquakes (Aladdin/Watts, 2000)

The Usborne Book of Ghosts and Hauntings (Usborne, 1999)
The Usborne Encylopedia of Planet Earth (co-authored with Gill Doherty) (Usborne, 1999)

The Usborne Book of Treasure Hunting (co-authored with Caroline Young) (Usborne, 1998)
King Arthur and his Knights (co-authored with Felicity Brooks) (Usborne, 1998)
Poltergeists?  (Usborne, 1998)

The Adventures of Ulysses (Usborne, 1997)

The World of Shakespeare (co-authored with Rebecca Treays) (Usborne, 1996)
Starting Drawing (Usborne, 1996)

The Usborne Computer Dictionary for Beginners (Usborne, 1995)

How Do Bees Make Honey? (Usborne, 1994)
Mountain Wildlife (Usborne, 1994)